6 Ways to Spring Clean your Health & Wellness Plan

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Check out my latest article “6 Ways to Spring Clean your Health and Wellness Plan” as seen in the  Spring issue of Modern Mississauga.

If you’re one of many who have let your diet and exercise habits slip over the winter, spring is a reminder that it’s time to focus on shedding some of that winter weight and get ready for summer. But before you rush out and waste your money on some rapid weight loss program, here are a few simple strategies you can incorporate now and see the results in time for T-shirt weather.

Cut down on Comfort Foods
It’s still chilly outside, but that doesn’t mean we have to stick with the comfort foods we’ve been loving for the past few months. Cut some unwanted calories by replacing pasta with spaghetti squash and enjoy a cauliflower crust pizza, which is delicious and still comforting.

Time to Tone
If your exercise routine has become a little relaxed over the winter, it’s time to get back to it. Try hitting the gym a few times per week and remember, there are plenty of workouts you can do from home, which can also help you lean out and tone.

Get Outdoors
Now that it’s finally nice outside, try moving your fitness outdoors. Whether you start walking, take up running or join an outdoor boot camp, being outdoors will make you feel better and motivate you to burn more calories.

Spring Clean your Cupboards
Getting back to the gym and finding ways to be active are important but what you eat and don’t eat, is also important. Take a close look at what’s inside your cupboards and start tossing what’s not going to help with your weight loss goals. Get rid of the packaged cookies, processed goods, anything made from white flour, and those bags of chips. Replace them with healthier alternatives like almonds, homemade granola and kale chips.

Focus on Fresh
Now that the cupboards have been cleaned, let’s focus on the fridge. Stock your fridge with fresh colorful ingredients. Put the most nutritious foods at the front and less nutritious foods at the back making it easier for you to make smart decisions.

Log your Food
Logging what you eat, can help you stay on track. It will make you more aware of your choices and will usually cause you to think twice before making an unhealthy choice. Most people will cut down their calories and will be smarter about what they eat, when they see it in writing.

With summer sun just around the corner, don’t be lured into the latest greatest diet for weight loss. Healthy weight loss takes times. So don’t wait, let’s get started and be ready for summer!

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